Meet the Marshal: Psychology student marshal, 阿什利·托雷斯

澳门太阳城app下载 psychology student marshal, 阿什利·托雷斯


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多莫尔总督,爸爸. — 澳门太阳城app下载 is shining a spotlight on the campus’ 学生执法官 who will be leading their fellow graduates during the campus’ 56th commencement ceremony procession on May 4 at The 斯克兰顿 Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple. 在本系列中, we’ll feature students who have been selected as 学生执法官 for their respective 学术项目. Join us as we delve into their academic journeys, insights, and advice for future students. 

学生元帅:  阿什利·托雷斯 

主要:  心理学、B.A. 

斯克兰顿: What are your post-graduation plans?

托雷斯: Attend the University of 斯克兰顿 to complete my master's in clinical mental health counseling with a graduate assistantship position, while also working as a behavioral health technician with kids on the autism spectrum. 研究生毕业后, I will obtain my LPC (licensed professional counselor) and work in the mental health field and fight the stigma associated with mental health.  

斯克兰顿: What was your favorite memory at 澳门太阳城app下载? 

托雷斯: My favorite memory at 澳门太阳城app下载 would be the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip to Puerto Rico and the Summer Leadership Conference (SLC) 2023. 

斯克兰顿: What was your favorite learning experience? 

托雷斯: My favorite learning experience was Dr. Bishop's anthropology course (ANTH216N). This class challenged me, but I learned how to study properly in order to succeed. 在这堂课上, I learned a lot about evolutionary psychology topics, and I was able to connect those topics with things I learned in other classes, 比如社会心理学.  

斯克兰顿: What experience prepared you the most for what is next? 

托雷斯: 林德指导计划 helped prepare me for post-graduation by pairing me with a professional in the field of work I am pursuing, who would guide and mentor me throughout my own professional journey. 

斯克兰顿: Who at 澳门太阳城app下载 has supported you and how? 

托雷斯: There are many people at 澳门太阳城app下载 who have supported me, 从乔恩·托宾开始, who helped me perfect my resume and CV, 准备GRE考试, prepare my graduate school applications, prepare me for graduate school interviews and much more. Sarah Smith has given me support and guidance going into graduate school and going into the mental health field. Professor Gina Romano and Professor Jordan Aebli taught me skills that would be critical when helping those in the mental health field, while also giving insight into what working in the mental health field is really like. Dr. 普罗文扎诺和博士. McNair helped guide me through academics and research in order to leave 澳门太阳城app下载 with an abundance of knowledge that would enable me to succeed after graduation. Professor Hart has always supported me in the classroom with academics, but also outside the classroom; he always made me feel appreciated and welcomed with his positive attitude.  

斯克兰顿: Do you have any advice for incoming students beginning their Penn State journey? 

托雷斯: 我会告诉即将入学的学生 参加俱乐部和活动 让他们感兴趣, in order to find something besides academics that keeps them motivated and gives them an outlet to be who they are. I would also say to stay positive because all the challenges you face throughout your college journey shape who you are. I would also advise students to get familiar with the services offered on campus, such as 职业服务 和乔恩·托宾, 精神健康服务 with Sarah Smith, learning and writing services and tutoring in the 学习与写作中心.  


Stay tuned as we continue to highlight our 学生执法官 for their outstanding accomplishments. Each individual represents the dedication, talent and spirit of excellence that define the 澳门太阳城app下载 community.