Meet the Marshal: 英语学生元帅, 亚历山德拉Bouselli

英语学生元帅, 亚历山德拉Bouselli, smiles for a photo at the 澳门太阳城app下载 entranceway.


来源:Shannon Williams

多莫尔总督,爸爸. — 澳门太阳城app下载 is shining a spotlight on the campus’ 学生执法官 who will be leading their fellow graduates during the campus’ 56th commencement ceremony procession on May 4 at The 斯克兰顿 Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple. 在本系列中, we’ll feature students who have been selected as 学生执法官 for their respective 学术项目. Join us as we delve into their academic journeys, insights, and advice for future students.

学生元帅: 亚历山德拉Bouselli 

主要: English, bachelor of arts

斯克兰顿: What are your post-graduation plans?

Bouselli: I plan to attend graduate school in the future after bridging myself into the workforce after graduation. I am currently looking for opportunities to work within the editorial field.

斯克兰顿: What was your favorite memory at 澳门太阳城app下载?

Bouselli: My favorite memory at 澳门太阳城app下载 is developing and creating close friendships with my peers on campus. I have met so many amazing people who have helped me so much throughout my college experience.

斯克兰顿: What was your favorite learning experience?

Bouselli: My favorite learning experiences at Penn State was getting the opportunity to participate in our campuses 本科研究 Fair and Exhibition 三年了, as well as participating in my Senior English Seminar to share my undergraduate English research.

斯克兰顿: What experience prepared you the most for what is next?

Bouselli: One experience that has prepared me for life post-graduation is working with my wonderful adviser and professor Assistant Teaching Professor of English Kara Stone has helped me tremendously during my time at Penn State and has provided me with advice and the tools I will need to succeed.

斯克兰顿: Who at 澳门太阳城app下载 has supported you and how?

Bouselli: As I previously stated, my adviser Dr. Kara Stone has shown nothing but support and guidance towards me since my freshman year at 澳门太阳城app下载. She along with my other professors such as Assistant Teaching Professor of English Jody Griffith have helped me develop confidence not only within myself but with my academic work. I have also made plenty of friends within my major that have always made me feel supported regarding my undergraduate research and work in class.

斯克兰顿: Do you have any advice for incoming students beginning their Penn State journey?

Bouselli: One piece of advice that I have for upcoming and future Penn Staters is to value your relationships with your peers and professors. At the start of my college experience, I did not have many friends on campus, nor did I feel comfortable speaking during my classes. 然而, once I started to push myself into making friendships with my classmates and began to formulate relationships with my professors, college was extremely fun. Therefore, I advise to also push yourself in making connections with those around you!


Stay tuned as we continue to highlight our 学生执法官 for their outstanding accomplishments. Each individual represents the dedication, talent and spirit of excellence that define the 澳门太阳城app下载 community.